Friday, January 2, 2009

Please be Patient...

I know, I know. I'm terribly behind on my blog. Please be patient and I will get the holiday photos up soon. Life is crazy in our house.
Aiden is walking. He still crawls most places, but walking is fun too.
Isaiah crawls faster than I can walk.
Stephan received golf clubs for Christmas and spent a record breaking 25 minutes hitting the ball around the yard today ~ without asking me to come play with him! The funniest moment was when he hopped in his little car. It looked like he was riding in a little mini golf cart.
I ate out all three meals today! Breakfast with Ashley at Beto's. (The boys ate food that I cooked.) Lunch with my friend, M. (A very nice lunch at the casino. I don't think I've eaten at a restaurant with any of my friends since the twins were born. It was a much needed ~ appreciated lunch.) Then, when I asked Tim what he wanted for dinner tonight he replied that he was thinking about taking me out. Whoo hoo! We went to a Mexican food restaurant in a nearby town. It had great food. We will definitely go back.
Ashley spent much of her Christmas vacation babysitting for me, playing with the boys, and being a teenager.
Photos will be up soon.


Christie said...

Life happens. My blog was sad and lonely for a few weeks there too...I'm still trying to get back on my feet and I don't have two toddlers like you.
By the way...
Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

Double the blessing said...

Wow that is so weird that you have a 14 yr old named Ashley AND twins too. I read your profile and like you I also read the power of a praying wife, actually I attended a bible study. It inspired me alot.
The best advice I have always received and given is stick to a schedule slash routine. Our day is about the same everyday as far as sleep and eat go. The in between is a little tricky.
I know one thing if I didn't have Ashley to help me I don't know what I would do. Oh and have lots of fun! I look forward to reading all about your family.