Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to School...What a bummer.

Isaiah playing blocks. Daddy and the other boys were building towers and knocking them down in the background.
Puzzle Time!

Tim and Stephan love to wrestle. Isaiah is always nearby waiting for his chance to jump in!

Isaiah's war cry.

As Ashley and I were relaxing with a movie one night, I snapped a photo of her eating popcorn. She is such a hard target to photograph. At her age, she thinks that photos are embarrasing. I guess this could be considered one of those moments...

Stephan and Ellie relaxing before bed.

A wonderful shot of Ashley. Ellie, my corgie, is always a beauty.

Yuck! I'm so bummed that school is back in session. In previous years, I would look forward to going back to school. I was teaching, and going back to school meant going back to work. I actually liked teaching. (It was the dealing with the parents' crud I didn't like. It has to do with tact and I don't have much of that tact stuff in my system. Especially when a child needs to be dealt with.) My daughter was also older and she kind of outgrew her need for me so school breaks were sometimes boring.
This year though...

WE HAD A BLAST!!! Tim took a few days off so we could go to San Diego, Ashley didn't have to be at an arena showing cows or at soccer practice ~ she was home, and we have the "littles".
It was so nice to sit each evening with the kids and talk or play.
Our first adventure was to Sea World. You will have to check out the Sea World post to learn about the details, but it was fun. Winter, although a little chilly, is the best time to go! Ashley stayed in a hotel room with my mom, but came down to be us in the evenings.
Then, came Christmas. Christmas is always fun ~ especially with a two year old around.
Next, came the week of New Year's. We had absolutely NO plans for the entire week. We slept in, we stayed in our pjs, and we were bums. Except Tim of course. He had to work. (Someone has to find a way to pay the bills so we can be lazy! Thanks Tim! You're a great provider. We love and appreciate you.)
Overall, it was a great bonding time for Ashley and the boys. It was just fun being a family without the stress of getting homework done, or going to practice or whatever!

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