Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hmmm....I hope it's not a new trend...

At what point do you begin allowing your toddler to use their own spoon and dish?

Both Aiden and Isaiah are grabbing at the spoon when I feed them. Now, they have been eating with their fingers for quite some time, but soft mushy foods require mommy to spoon feed. So ~ me being brave and optimistic ~ I bought a suction cup plate/bowl combo and decided to let the littles eat on their own for lunch yesterday. I have since rethought my position on the little's self feeding phase. Let the photos do the talking...(oh boy.)

Look at this smiling beauty? He has a tray full of Kraft Mac n Cheese with peas of course!

Look a little closer...there is a distinct ring of cheese around his mouth, and his hands are clearly messy. Nothing that a wet washrag won't be able to handle.

Now check out brother, Isaiah...

Note the nifty suction cup bowl/plate thing easily fit the top of his head. Isn't he talented?

Now watch the mac n cheese slowly fall out of the bowl, and slide down the side of his head.

Do you see the trickle of mac n cheese juice sliding down the side of his head, and the greasy smears on his cheeks, and the cheese stuck to the top of his eyelid? This is my messy eater.

This is going to take more than a wet washrag to clean up. Dang, and he hates to have his hair washed.

Thank you Lord, for allowing me to have my camera loaded with an empty chip, a full battery, and the knowlege of its location. Who would ever have thought to have a camera nearby?


Double the blessing said...

OMG what cute pictures. I have not even tried the plate and spoon yet I am not sure even when to try it. Mine pretty much feed themselves everything except yogurt, oatmeal and applesauce. I just put food on their tray and let them grab for it.

Korie B. said...

So, I have to get the family newsletter to learn about your blog???

I'm so excited that I get to catch up with you this way. LOVE IT!

The boys are absolutely adorable and my goodness, Ashley has grown up so much.

Robyn said...

Double the Blessing... That's the way my boys are, but I thought "What the heck?" Silly me.

Korie...Darling. Me and communication = Sucky. I'm awful at it. Glad you found us. This years newsletter was like the size of an entire magazine, huh? WIth the use of this trusty blog, next years news will be minimal. Just a pict and card baby. That's it. Tell B. "Hi" and give baby G a hug. Pat your belly for me mama. Not too much longer...

Christie said...

This post is SO cute! I love that you took photos of them!
They're messy AND adorable!