Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Adoption is Final!

On December 17, 2008, the adoption of our twins sons, Aiden Jo and Isaiah Van was final!!! Hurray!!!

We feel so blessed that God would allow such a beautiful young lady come into our lives, and allow us to raise the sons she gave birth to. We think of her daily, love her giving spirit, pray for her, and we sometimes discuss which boy recieved which facial feature from her. (I think Aiden has her eyes.) Thank you bio mom. We love you. We think you "rock"!

The adoption ceremony took a whole whopping 5 minutes. It felt like longer, but someone actually recorded the start and stop time. It is so funny, the feelings that went through my mind that day. I've never been in court for actually doing something wrong. Yet, I felt nervous. What if this judge deamed us unworthy? What if he asked us hard questions? (I had to ask Tim how long we had actually lived in the county we are currently living in.) Silly little things, but still...


After reviewing the photos of the proceeding (yep, we took the paparrazzi with us), I noticed that the judge seldom looked at us. Every photo I have during the proceeding was of him looking at the boys and smiling. He must really enjoy this part of his job.

When the hearing was over, we headed to a local pizza place for a celebratory lunch. Afterall, it was Chander's (my nephew) birthday that day as well. Celebrating all around!!!!
On the left is Stephan, then Cameron, Chandler (birthday boy), and Ashley
At the head of the table is Isaiah, then Aiden, Tim (daddy), Gramps (Tim's dad), Grandma Goof (my mom), Larry aka: Pop (my step-dad), and Grammy (Tim's mom).

Chandler blowing out his candle. The pizza place gave him a piece of cheesecake!

Welcome, officially, to the family Aiden and Isaiah. We love you both!

Me, Isaiah, Louise (our caseworker from the agency), Tim, and Aiden

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