Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coffee! Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Remember the episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorilai isn't visiting Luke's and she has to go to a different coffee shop for her coffee? Then when she orders her "Coffee, coffee, coffee" she gets three?Hmmm... you're not laughing. Oh I get it ~ you don't watch the Gilmore Girls? Not even the reruns? (The only way you can watch it anymore because they stopped shooting the show.) Too're missing out my friend.

(Yep, I own them all on DVD)

I LOVE coffee. Now, I need to clarify. I like sweet, rich, doctored up coffee. Straight black coffee? Blah.

Once upon a time, I wouldn't touch the stuff. Then, about a fourth of the way through my Master's program, (which I did in night school since I was teaching full time during the day ~ thus the need for coffee, chocolate, and anything else to keep me awake during class, and on the drive home) the lady that I would carpool with introduced me to Starbucks. mmmmm.... I became a coffee addict. I've tried many different kinds of concoctions. The crew here in our little town... don't trust their new recipes unless it is endorsed by Starbucks. They either don't have taste buds, they have a sick sense of humor, or they just have bad taste in coffee.

So, somewhere between my dislike of coffee and my love of coffee, I've become a coffee snob. Yep, I know, hard to believe little ol' small town me being a snob. (Stop snickering you three who know me so well...don't let the others in on this downfall of mine!) See how snobby I am? I only sit with others who have littles like mine! That is my good friend, Lindsay and her son Eli on the left, then there is me with my two littles, Aiden on my lap and Isaiah in the stroller. We were at an FFA ice cream social. See, I'm not snobby!

Sadly, I've drug my husband down the same path of ruin. He likes to savor his coffee, and since I've introduced him to good coffee, he has been known to throw out a bag or two if it doesn't meet his standards. I knew I loved him for a reason ~ yep, his love of rich coffee.

Currently, we are ordering our coffee from Boca Java.
Ths is my new favorite selection.

It is so easy, simply select the type of coffee, the flavor or coffee, and the amount of time in between deliveries, and they will send it to you! I change my selection frequently. They also have hot chocolate, tea, Lindt chocolates, and accessories. Check them out. They are really good. I just got my delivery in the mail today. I love the smell of coffee... Time to brew a pot.

News Alert!

Holy coffee beans Batman! I, (Robyn, heehee), just found another coffee site that looks pretty darn good... You might want to check it out ~ They have Starbuck's coffee recipes that you can make in your own home! (Golly, Beav. You mean I might save some money?) It is called Coffee Sage. Check them out.


Christie said...

My husband is a coffee snob too. It's fun to listen to him talk about the different blends. My eyes usually glaze over but I just keep smiling.
Thanks for the links, I may have found him a fantastic gift or two.

Robyn said...

Christie, you have to try it. We grind our own as we go. I'm sure you will find a flavor he likes. We don't like all the flavors, but we've found quite a few that are amazing. We even keep a coffee grinder in our horse trailer for when we are out. Good luck!