Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Dreaded 2 Year Old Checkup

After any stressful situation, I like to reward myself.  It is a tradition that I've chosen to carry over onto my children.  Since there is a Starbuck's near our doctor's office...well, it is the logical reward.  Yep, I'm clever that way.  :)
Here are my boys enjoying their stress reward. 

I had myself all worked up about this visit.  Aiden hates shots.  Isaiah gets mad with shots. 
I was prepared
- kinda
- yeah, not really. 
I walked in ready to brave any situation so long as they didn't stab the boys more than twice.  (I'm one of those moms who don't allow more than 2 immunizations at a time...and I didn't give my kids the flu shot.  Antibodies need to be built up.)

Isaiah is texting sister to see if she will come to his rescue.  Sister teaches him bad things.  Yes, that is his phone.  No, it does not have a charge or service, but he likes it just the same!

Imagine my surprise when the nurse came back with this news....
"Guess what? The boys are caught up on their immunizations."
The 10 sweetest words I had heard all day.
What normally happens during shot days...
I wouldn't have to restrain Isaiah while the nurse restrains Aiden just so Isaiah can get a shot...
(Aiden doesn't like for other people to hurt his brother.)
Then while Aiden is screaming and running around like a crazy child,
Isaiah is ticked and usually kicks the doctor then claws at his legs until he can get the bandaids off,
by then nurse is freaking because he needs to keep the bandaids on...,
I'm trying to catch Aiden to restrain him to do the shot thing. 
Vicious, ugly scene.
 I often wonder if I shouldn't have a shot of my own - of a different nature.
I didn't have to deal with it!
 I don't have to deal with it until 2012! 
By 2012 - they will be old enough to send in alone!  (OK ~ It's a nice thought...)

Here are the weight/height stats....because I know you care...

32 pounds (89%)
34 inches (40%)
96 % for BMI - not good
This puts him as a high heart disease and diabetes risk.  We will now be monitoring fat content.  Mostly, we do, but now we get to change his milk from whole to skim. 
Skim is better anyway - that is what Ashley and I drink.  Hmmm...about that Starbucks. ;)

29 pounds (67%)
35 inches (67%)
58% for BMI - looking good!  But he already knows that!

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