Monday, January 18, 2010

Aiden and Isaiah's Birthday Celebration

Grandma Goof, Pop, Chandler, Cameren, Aunt Susan, and Katy all called on speaker phone to sing Happy Birthday to the boys.

Isaiah was so excited!  Of course, Isaiah loves talking on the phone.

Tim was busy making lunch.  Spaghetti - a family favorite.
Isaiah likes the olives!

Tyler with alien fingers.

Aiden wasn't too sure about the whole cake thing.  He just wanted to eat it - not worry about any candles.

Grammy was trying to get Isaiah to blow out his candles.
Isaiah doesn't have those muscles working yet.  Our speech therapist is working on worries...wait til you see what sister taught him.

Aiden finally dug into the frosting...

Just pinch them out...No that is not really what she said.
Here she is actually trying to save him.  He wanted to touch the flame.

Time for gifts...

I love watching their expressions.

Here is Tyler playing with their new toys.  The twins were off somewhere else...

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