Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh Yeah...I Forgot!

Ashley and I got new hair do's in June. I didn't realize that I hadn't posted the picts. The pictures were taken the day after our trip to the city for girl night.

As many of you know, Ashley and I head down towards Phoenix to get our hair done. Roland, my wonder with scissors hair stylist, is awesome. He can cut curly hair so it can be worn curly or straight. (Those of you with curly hair are well aware of this dilemma.) When we got there, I showed Roland two hair styles that I really liked. Neither of which were curly hair styles. Nothing new there. Everyone knows how much I love thick, straight, brown hair. (Note: my hair is curly and blond) Roland gently reminded me that I was married, and asked if I was sure I wanted to "chop it off". ("it" being my hair ~ not my marriage ~ reminding me that Tim isn't fond of short hair) I had a confident "Yep!" and told him to ponder my "New Do" while he worked his magic on Ashley.
Ashley, already having a nice wave to her hair, wanted a curly perm. Think back to the 80's/90's spiral perms. That is what she wanted. Isn't it cute? She loves it!

Want to know what else we did on our Girl's Night Out? We shopped for a weight bar. Ashley is into lifting weights, and she had to have a weight bar. Yes, of course I bought it for her. What else was I to do?

We have appointments in 2 weeks for trims and color. Wonder what we will do next...

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