Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adoption Ceremony

Wednesday, July 17, 2009, Tyler Stephan Roth officially became our little bundle of joy.
We are now the proud family of 6.

Yep, count them. Who knew that in 18 months time we would go from a double income, single child, family ~ to a family of 6... and with one income! Thank you for your prayers. Keep them coming! :)

Tyler was so excited for Adoption Day. (Shoption Day is how he pronounced it. Not sure where the "sh" sound comes from.) We had been talking about what adoption meant to us and to him. We told him that we would all go to the courthouse and the judge would pound his gavel and say, "Tyler Roth, you can now live with Tim, Robyn, Ashley, Aiden, and Isaiah forever." He would get a big smile on his face. It was so cute.
The day of adoption was special. He got to choose breakfast (cinnamon rolls and eggs), and lunch (corn dogs and tater tots). We had planned an ice cream celebration for afterwards. The grandparents were invited, as well as a few friends.

Before we were all sworn in, Tyler wanted to know who everyone was. He would point (something I'm trying to break him of) and say, "Who's that?" or "What is she doing?" He paid very close attention to every detail. Tyler even raised his hand and listened intently to what we were suppose to repeat. He made sure to tell the judge his name is Tyler, and then he made sure the judge knew that he had gotten a hair cut that morning. Nice. Fortunately, the judge is very nice and LOVES presiding over the adoptions. Adoption Day is his favorite day of the week ~ or so his secretary told me.

Here we are. I'm holding Isaiah, the judge is holding Tyler, Ashley (our vision in orange), then Tim holding Aiden. If you scroll back to Dec. of 2008 you will see a similar picture from the finalization of the twins! Same judge! Hes got my vote!

The Roth Six!

Not quite a soccer team, but we seem to be heading in that direction! Please, continue those prayers!! :)

Auntie Deb, our very good friend came to the ceremony. It's a good thing she was there ~ my parents were traveling up from the city, but got stuck on the freeway ~ so she took the photos. There was a wildland fire, and the fire crews had to close the freeway. They were stuck in 100 + degree weather. Yuck. Fortunately, they were able to get by and they made it to the house for the Post Adoption Ice Cream Sandwich Party. Yippee!

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