Friday, July 17, 2009


Have you heard about "Signing Time"? It is a program that teaches babies through adults how to sign.(OK, so perhaps it is directed towards the baby/toddler age, but I'm learning too!) It's well worth the money to buy the entire program.

We got started on Signing Time when Isaiah's speech therapist suggested I have Isaiah watch the show. Not having cable/dish/satellite/etc. we don't get the appropriate station. I did the next best thing - I bought the baby program. Let me tell you ~ Baby Signing Time is awesome. The "littles" don't normally sit through any show. Baby Signing Time isn't any different, but even when they are roaming through the house, they can still pick up a couple signs here and there. Tyler is enthralled with it. He loves to watch it. (Yep, he will watch almost anything...) Below, is a picture of all three kids signing "hat". Tyler knows quite a few words to sign, and the littles are picking it up slowly, but surely.

I think they have their own language and don't much care for anyone else's language. I would say that it is a "twin thing", but Tyler can sometimes interpret. Hmmm... a brother thing?

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