Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reindeer Dust

This year, we decided to make "Reindeer Dust" to guide Santa and the reindeer to our home.
Where we live in the country we have random critters run through our yard.
Many recipes call for glitter, and if we lived in the city, that would be great, but we don't and I didn't want the rabbits, birds, javalina, or any other nocturnal critter eating the glitter and getting sick.
We used barley, magic reindeer dust (sugar colored with food dye), sunflower seeds, and rolled oats.

I gave each of the boys a spoon, and said, "Fill up your containers!"
Fill away they did!

The reindeer dust was very popular...
OK ~ This is grossing me out!
Mary Poppins would get along great with this kid..."Just a spoonful of sugar..."
Love this kid!  He has his container packed tight!
Off to Grandma's house...for a quick "dusting"...then back home to "dust" our yard!
Yep, these are classy kids!
Aiden with one croc and one untied shoe, Tyler looking like a grandpa with white knee high socks and slippers, and Isaiah...well, we never know what he will show up in.  Tonight he actually looks pretty good!

Aiden is DONE!  He has had it!  He just wants to go in!
Aiden in a pouty/whiney voice: "Why haf leave dust?  I no wanna."
Me:  "Because you made it.  Now let me take a picture and you can dump it on the ground for all I care."
Do I hear "Mom of the Year"?  NOT!

This kid already dumped his! 

Tyler sprinkled the entire yard!
The little critters were very happy with his "dusting"!

Off to bed to wait for Santa!

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