Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pizza...the Highlights Way

In the mornings, the boys often read their Highlights while I make breakfast.  This particular morning Tyler found a pizza recipe he wanted to try...
Enjoy their fun!
(BTW:  the pizza's were AWESOMEand the kids ate a ton of veggies!)
Funny Face Pizzas....
the pictoral how to..
Reading in the am...
First ~ you have to pick out a good recipe.
Then~ you have to go to the supermarket to get the supplies.
Next ~ you make the dough...
(because this mommy doesn't do frozen/premix)
Taste test time!
(The dough is rising!)
 Time to practice our cutting skills.
Aiden thinks this is fun!
He stretched his bell pepper out long!
Tyler only likes the broccoli leaf part.
Kneading the dough...
Everyone gets a turn...
 Everyone gets to practice!
Roll it...
Extreme concentration!

Check out Aiden's.
Tyler made an awesome smiley face!
They are ready for the oven!
Yep ~ mommy made one too!
While the pizzas bake, the boys practice cutting some more, and they ate the rest of the veggies.
Checking out the pizza!
This is one happy boy with a happy pizza!

Now, you saw how easy it was to make homemade pizza....
try it yourself!
(Our FAVORITE way to bake the crust is usually on the bbq grill.)

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