Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010!

Merry Christmas Friends!

Tyler ~ in front of the kid decorated Christmas tree.

My 4 kids plus my nephews, Chandler and Cameren
December 2010

 I'm so glad you stopped by today.  Can I just say...Martha I am not!  Not the Biblical Martha and not Martha Stewart.  Sheesh!  It is Dec. 11 and I JUST finished up the photo Christmas card.  It should go out in the mail next week.  Hopefully you will get it by New Year's! 

I saw a Martha Stewart show about creating and making your own photo Christmas cards.  Martha Stewart I am not.  They are uploaded, printed, stuffed into envelopes, and soon to be in the mail.  Enough said.

This year has absolutely flown by!  Can I get an "I hear ya sistah!"?  Anyone? 

The beauty of a blog Christmas letter is that it is totally environmentally friendly,  you can review our year in more depth (for those of you who only check the blog once a year), and I don't have to figure out which pictures are the most important because I'm limited to 1 page.  The bad thing about a blog Christmas letter...I am not limited to space!  You did remember to sit down with a hot cup of coffee, right?  If you follow the know how we like our coffee!

Tim and I, 18 married years

Let's start with Tim and I...we are still married. 

 Tim is the school board President, working for his parents at Roper Plumbing, and also working at our Mr. Rooter Plumbing business.  He hasn't had much time for hobbies lately due to work, but we are all doing well.  He tries to find time with the boys and Ashley each week.  He attends as many of Ashley's games as he is able, and loves wrestling with the boys.  I am still staying home, but I work nights in the office doing the bookwork/accounting/paying bills stuff.  I've recently discovered Zumba and think it is the coolest thing since Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream.  I'm still taking pictures every chance I get, running around with the boys, and trying to stay hair color at a time...but you can follow my chaos in the blog.

Ashley, 16

Ashley, 2010 Colonel's Daughter

Ashley is a junior in high school.  She turned 16 this past May and hit the road driving...literally!  It is actually very nice that she can drive herself to school ~ especially since we send her to school in Cottonwood!  She went to Baylor for soccer camp this summer.  She is pretty interested in their programs of study...we will see where this takes her...  She coached a U12 boys soccer team for AYSO, and she is also on the varsity soccer team at the high school.  She studies harder than anyone I know.  She is also taking a Spanish class at a community college not too far from her high school.  It makes for a couple late nights, but she is so dedicated to her academics.  I'm amazed and please daily with her.  She is such an incredible young lady.  She, along with her club members, was also nominated (and won) the Governer's Award for Excellence in Youth for her work with the Interact Club where she is President.  She also won the Colonel's Daughter contest this year.

Part of the Colonel's Daughter pageant is to ride a reigning pattern.

Brother and Sister
circa 2010

Tyler, 4

Tyler turned 4 in April. He started preschool at the elementary school this year.  He LOVES it!  He rides the bus to school and thinks he is the coolest!  He is still wearing glasses, but I think he actually likes them.  He has an amazing vocabulary...he often makes me laugh with his choice of adjectives. He's also a huge photo hound!  He loves to have his picture taken!  I often hear, "Mom, take a picture of me doing this." or "Mom, take picture of me eating." or whatever.  He just loves being in a picture.  He enjoys watching movies and playing on the swings.  He and the twins are often found in the throws of an all out karate/punching/kicking/yelling match.  (Usually it is friendly...)  We also entered him into the Little Guy contest at Ft Verde Days.  He didn't win, but he got to dress up, have his picture taken, talk to strangers, and ride in the parade.  He thought it was pretty cool!

Tyler and his hole to ????

Aiden ~ digging in the rock pile

Aiden & Dad working at the computer 2.  I might just stop there!  Wow.  That kid is hilarious!  He is most definitely our gentle giant.  He goes around giving kisses and hugs to everyone, but if someone is messing with his sister or his brothers... look out!  He has a temper, he has weight, and he isn't afraid to use it!  He adores Kung Fu Panda, Toy Story 3, and anything Buzz Lightyear.  His speech is coming along.  He has a large vocabulary, but it seems I'm the only one who can understand him.  (I'm not sure how to take that...I would like to think that I'm still an adult, but I feel as if I'm sometimes only 3...)
Mom and Isaiah
Isaiah is a 2 year old with an attitude.  Not the cute attitude that some kids have...the attitude that a 15 year old has.  Boy this kid is giving me a run for my sanity!  His cuteness is often his only saving grace.  He is also delayed with speech, but he doesn't seem to know that!  In fact, I heard Ashley ask him the other night, "Do you ever stop talking?"  He replied, "No," and kept on playing in her room...driving her crazy!  She loves it though!  (She really long it is him... the others...NO!)  He is my eternal soccer player, but he also likes karate.  He is often found having intense karate fights with the air, bushes, stuffed animals, his brothers, the pillow... Oh how I adore him.

Isaiah (left) and Aiden digging for gold.
I can only hope they find enough to pay for college!

Please take time to view the blog.  We have had some funny moments.  I'm hoping that I will have more posting time in the coming months...the boys were accepted into a developmental preschool for 2 1/2 hours 4 days a week starting in the middle of January.  Look for more Random Roth Ramblings!
May you all have a blessed Christmas!

Much Love!
The Roth Six
Tim, Robyn, Ashley, Tyler, Aiden, & Isaiah

(Robyn also Facebooks...There are infrequent posts there too...)

Ashley on parade day...being escorted by the Calvary

Tyler ~ Our very own "Tom Sawyer"

Tyler and Ashley, 2010

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