Monday, December 27, 2010

The Pre & Post Effects of Christmas and It's Lovely Parties...Part 1...Yes, as with many things in our life ~ we have multiples...

Woo Hoo!  Mr. Rooter of Yavapai and Coconino Counties has been opened one full year!

This year, we celebrated Christmas dinner early with our Mr. Rooter family at our home.  I cooked a big meal for all of our employees and their families.  It was so much fun to meet wives and kids.  It is especially fun for the older generation (hee hee ~ that would be my mom!  ha ha Just had to get that jab in...) to spend time with the younger generation.  That's right...the grandkid generation.  Oh how she loves that role.  She spent time with the kids reading to them and just being a grandma.

Grandma Goof talking with Levi and Aiden.

Nate ~ He sure knows how to let his hair down (or up as it seems).

Here are a few pictures from our Mr. Rooter Family Christmas Celebration...

Nate and Denise
Yep, they've been in the blog before so they are family in many ways!
Love you guys!  You are awesome!
Starbucks anytime soon Denise?  Call me!  :)

The Kid Table
L - R:  Isaiah, Chandler, Marco, Ashley, Cameren, Shelby
Aiden is slightly visible on the left behind Chandler

Larry, our Field and Customer Service Manager
Telling a very funny story...he had to use major gestures...

This is Aiden's reaction to Larry's story.
We know Aiden, we feel your pain...

Tim, the "Boss Man"

Nate and Levi.
I love when daddy's take time to read to their kiddos. 

Boss Man does dishes!
He knows not to allow food scraps to go down the drain, and he always scrapes greasy residue into the garbage can.

Dan and Rose
Aren't they simply stunning?
We are so happy to have you working with us Dan.

Larry and Janet
aka: Pop and Grandma Goof
...other regulars to the blog...

Levi and Tyler telling stories and singing songs.
Tyler sang "Jingle Bells" for Levi. 
I totally love when kids really PLAY together.  Fun times.

Larry and Tim hanging in the kitchen...
disregard all the remodel mess...
it is the Roth Mystery House ~ a home in constant remodel!
Tim and Levi have a special bond.  They both love each other!
Here they are reading together.  I'm not sure who was reading to whom...

We are so very thankful for all of our Mr. Rooter employees and their families.  Thanks to all of the wives and kids who were so very patient the last month or so with the crazy hours.  Here is to a new year full of prosperity and good tidings!

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