Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Great Christmas Angel Wrap Up!

What happens when you get two women together who love the Lord and want to serve women?
You get the co-chairs for Parkside Women's Ministry!

This is Julie and I...
no, our outfits weren't planned, but weirdly/kismetly/ironically we do this matchy thing a lot.
It is almost scary.

Then, Julie and I, over a cup of coffee (with double shots) and a salad (because we try to be healthy ~ despite our caffeine addiction) we created/invited/bribed other women to join our team.

The other team members are:
She represents the younger ladies in our church.
She is so hip and trendy...


Cecy represents our middle~older generation!

We like to call ourselves the Mission Possible ladies!  If you want to see a funny video that we made for our "Wrap Up" teaser...check out our Facebook page:  Parkside, Women's Ministry.  It is so funny!

For December's Mission...

Our church has a Christmas Angel tree each year.  The idea is that we find families in our church and community that are in need.  Our church congregation chooses an "ornament" off the tree and purchases gifts for our friends.

Every year we have such an amazing response from the congregation to donate gifts.  This year was no different.  So, as the Women's Ministry team ~ we decided to spend a morning wrapping the gifts to ease the burden from our staff. 

A group of women showed up on a Saturday morning to wrap the gifts.  We brought a brunch dish to share and a roll of wrapping paper ~ and wrapped away!  It was so much fun getting to know the ladies in a social atmosphere.  Thank you ladies!  Your kindness and generosity are appreciated.

Carol is a wrapping queen!  She got right to work...no chit chat for her!
Carol also volunteered at the Samaritan's Purse "Operation Christmas Box" this last November.  She and her husband went to California to the distribution center.  She said it was an amazing experience.  We love and appreciate all the she and her husband do for our church!  They are true servants of the Lord!

This is Nancy!  She brought bright conversation to the morning.  She and her husband also went to the Samaritan's Purse - distribution center.  Nancy said it is something that everyone should take the time to go and do.  She said it was a trip worth while.
Thanks for your help, Nancy!

 Julie and Betsy!
This was the first time I had ever met Betsy.  She is so much fun.  It is always nice meeting new people and making new friends.  Thank you Betsy for taking time out of your day to come help us...even if you still had your own presents waiting at home to wrap!

 This is Ms. Ellen.  Shhh....she wasn't really here this morning... or was she?
Ellen is the wife of our Shepherding Pastor...she was suppose to be home cooking and cleaning because the staff Christmas party was to be at her house that evening.

 Here are the few of us that made it through the morning from beginning to end...

Wrapping sure made us tired...
Julie and I are headed to Thanks a Latte...
Anyone else in need of an esspresso shot..or three?

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