Thursday, August 12, 2010

Potty Time

Potty training little boys SUCKS!

My boys have the whole pee anywhere you want down.  They just drop their drawers and let it out. (Sorry, I will not post pictures of the numerous places my boys have "dropped their drawers".  One including the side of a road at a plumbing supply house in the city...) 
  • They have no shame. 
  • They have no sense of surroundings. 
  • They have no sense of privacy. 
The good thing is that we live in the country so it's no big deal

No neighbors to complain, no traffic to flash, no police officers being called for indecent get the idea?  That part is great. 
We also have four bathrooms in our house so there is never seldom a shortage of choices for places to "go".

(Good thing I have Mr. Rooter on my speed dial.  I can't tell you the number of times we've needed them since we've had the boys...even before potty training we needed our toilets cabled!)

Teaching them how/when/why to sit is an entirely different story.  They just don't get it!   They come to me after the deed is done and say, "Pooped!"  Oh great.  Another pair of underwear to wash.  (No I don't use PullUps.  They are just weird, gross, and don't work.)

I will take any and all suggestions on teaching boys how to come inside before the deed is done. 

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Christie said...

I wish I had suggestions...
My husband always potty trained when I was out of town. He would bribe the kids with one of those HUGE hershey bars. Of course he won them over.
Speaking of son once got out of the car in a In & Out Burger drive through and let loose on a bush. I was mortified.