Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Kids Are Back In School!

Tuesday evening the elementary halls were filled with parents, grandparents, custodial workers, bus drivers, and of course EXCITED students!  Yep, I was there too....but this year....I went as a PARENT!!!  Can you believe it?  OK, so I was escorted by the School Board President, but this was all about me being a mom!

Tyler started Pre-School at the elementary school on Wednesday.  He will attend 2 1/2 hours ~ four days a week.  I feel so blessed that he has such an amazing pre-school teacher.  I met Ms. Amy a few years ago when I was still teaching.  I'm so thankful she is still there.  She is super high energy and loves every one!  Tyler has zero concerns about attending a new school.  He says that it is the school where Aunt Melissa teaches and where Wyatt and Wylie go.  That was all the encouragement he needed! 

His first day there he pushed his way in front of a little girl (yes, I was mortified), and went right into the room.  He began playing and didn't hardly look away from the toys to say goodbye.  (I'm suppose to take that as a good sign!)

Ms. Amy has dubbed Tyler her new little "sub".  When she needs to be gone for a day she has decided to put Tyler in charge.  :)  On their school tour, Ms. Amy told them they would learn where the office is, the nurses office, etc.  Tyler announced that he knows where the snacks are.  Aunt Melissa has supplied him with money and a map to the teacher's lounge a time or two...

(Day 2)

When I asked him what he wants to learn this year he said, "I want to learn about painting."
I said, "You want to learn to paint?"
Tyler replied, "Yes."
He has big plans!

Ashley, my high schooler, got an extra day to sleep in.  She didn't start until today.  She's already wanting to drop one of her classes - AP English.  Oh the struggles of high school.  She is carrying quite a heavy load this year...AP English, AP Calc, Sports Medicine, Weights, Leadership, and AP US History. 

I had to chase her down and drag her out of her truck to get her "Back to School" photo.  She left an hour and fifteen minutes before she had to be to school!  (In her defense - she has a solid 30 minute drive.)  She wanted to be early to get a good PE locker (she likes the BIG ones to keep all of her soccer gear in!), grab a parking sticker, and something else.  What she found out was...the teachers were not as excited as she was to get to school early - no one was there!

Since she has weights first, she decided not to get dressed in her Back to School ~ First Day Outfit.  She just wore her work out clothes.  My girl is so not into the worldly scene - (Thank you Lord for putting a good head on Ashley's shoulders.  She is all about you God!)

Stay tuned for some funny pre-school stories...I'm sure we will have plenty.  The Big T (Tyler) gets to start taking the bus to school on Monday.  Say a quick prayer that he actually gets on it!

As for Ashley, the world is looking up.  She is going places...just you watch...I'll photograph it!

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Christie said...

Back to school already? I can't believe how fast time flies...It seems that your boys were babies when I first started visiting your blog.
Your daughter is adorable...getting to school so early. :-)