Monday, August 9, 2010

The Phoenix Zoo

For a "Summer Farewell" I decided to take the kids to the Phoenix Zoo
I love zoos.  They have so much to see and do! 

So last week, I packed up my four kids, two of my nephews, one of Ashley's friends, an ice chest filled with water, and enough lunch and snacks for 12 (because we like to eat), and we headed down the mountain to the "big city" of Phoenix.

What I forgot is how incredibly hot Phoenix is in August.  Oh my stinkin heck - we sweated!  The advantage to going to the zoo in the middle of the summer is the lack of people.  (I should have figured there was a reason I was able to park near the entrance.)

Enjoy the photos....(completely SOOC)

Aiden trying to get a better view.

Aiden and Tyler

I love having my nephews along to help.
(No that is not my backpack that Cameren is hauling - it is Ashley's.  I don't ask what goes in there...)

Such intense concentration...we were watching the rhino...
look at poor Isaiah - he was already sweating after 45 minutes!

Yes, when we go into public I dress my boys in the same shirt.  I can find them easier that way.  They have a tendancy to wander away and frequently make a "hut-hut-split" manuever and all go in different one time!

Lucky for my boys there is a water feature at the zoo.  They have to climb up stairs into a cave, and then they can slide down.  It looked like a lot of fun!  Next time I'm not wearing white and I'm going to slide down!

Here comes Aiden!


The boys!

Waiting on the girls!

God never ceases to amaze me...Look at Cameren and can't tell they aren't related by blood can you?  They are two of a kind.

Sister and Debra coming out of the zoo.  (Yes, they knew the zoo was in Phx and yet they still chose to wear denim.  They are teenagers.  Don't ask.  Don't wonder.  Just accept.  Just love them.

My gang...after a long moring at the zoo.  Look out Sonic - Here we come!

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