Monday, July 19, 2010

She is Off and Traveling...Again!

Ashley caught a flight this morning at 7:30 am to the thriving metropolis of beautiful Waco, Texas. 

(She will be spending the next week in constant soreness.  Talked to her tonight - another knee injury and it is only day 1!  For those of you who have been with us for years... you know how critical this injury could be.  She hasn't reported it to the field trainer yet...) 

That meant she had to be to the airport by 5:30am ok, we dropped her off closer to 6:00am.  By "dropped her off" that is literally what we did.  Tim pulled up to the departing flights lane, unlocked the doors, Ashley jumped out, and I panicked! 

"I want to walk in with her!" I whined. (Loudly and firmly)
"Fine, make it fast!" Was Tim's impatient reply. 

It's 6:00am people.  Where is he in such a rush too?  He won't eat breakfast out, church service won't start for another 3 hours at the church we planned to visit while in Phoenix...DROPPING our 16 year old daughter off....!

I helped her get her bags out of the vehicle, I walked in with her, I looked at the line and thought,
"Oh my gosh!  What am I doing letting her get on a plane alone?



Without a friend?

  Without a coach?

  or a soccer team?


(I miss her already!)

As I'm stuffing her soccer cleats into her bag ("Mom, they won't fit there"), asking her if she remember a book to read ("Yes, I have my Bible.  That's all I need."), and telling her how to use the little kiosk, where to store her carry on, what to eat, don't forget to fill your water bottle AFTER you go through security, how to make her connecting flight - she said to me, "Mom, I'm fine.  I can do this.  Just go.  Dad is waiting." 

It makes me a little sad to think that she can do this on her own.  She is growing into an amazing woman. 
Ashley is simply...wonderful.
I miss her already!
Kick some soccer girl butt!!
God gave you a tremendous talent ~ use it!

We will always be here for you...
loving you,
supporting you,
for you to become the amazing, talented, and beautiful woman God has created!

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