Sunday, July 11, 2010

My HS Girlies & Reunion!

It has been a little over 20 years since I have graduated from high school. 
During that time,
  • I've gotten married, 
  • I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, 
  • moved from my hometown,
  • won a minor cancer battle (it's been 11 years - I don't have to claim it anymore!),
  • been a teacher,
  • adopted 3 boys,
  • gone through a mulitude of hairstyles and colors,
  • gained a few pounds,
  • and opened a business. 
What you might not have paid much attention to is the lack of communication.  I haven't kept in great communication with my friends.  I have friends here in my small town, but your true life long friends are often met in grade school and high school. 
I suck at maintaining those relationships. 
Sadly, in October, we all met up together to stand together for a friend who lost her husband while he was fighting for the honor of the USA.  (Thank you Tommy!  You are missed.)  I hadn't seen most of my friends that I caught up with that night in 10-15-20 years. 
Sad. Sad. Sad. 
Through that tragedy, I have made the time to text, email, and call my girlfriends.  Being friends is almost as much work as being a wife - but sometimes more fun!  It has been so healing and wonderful connecting again.

Recently, the girlies have started getting together on a somewhat regular basis.  We've enjoyed dinner, bull-riding, karioke, and just plain fun/silly/outrageous girl talk.

a pregnant Heather, Pat, Trina, Christine, Me, Jewelie, Holly
Not pictured is Christina - we're still not completely clear on where exactly she was....

Last month, we celebrated together at our 20 year high school reunion.  We also decided that the men should be involved.  Here are a few pictures from the Friday night mixer...

Dinner first!  Because all of us girlies like to eat!

Heather, Ryan, Christine, and Chad

From the back...Trina, Jeremy, and Jewelie (doesn't she absolutely glow?)

My long time girlfriend, Holly.  Her mom and my dad taught together.  We spent lots of time together both at school and after school hours!  (Remember Todd and Chad at the tennis courts?)

After dinner, we headed to Margaritaville for the actual high school reunion mixer (put on by Todd Babel - Thank you Todd!)

Heather (Todd's wife), Todd, and Andy
Andy and I met in grade school, Todd and I met in middle school, and we all went to high school together.
(In high school, Todd, myself, my brother, and a few others...decided we could have a band.  It didn't go beyond the "Hey, Why don't we..." stage!)

Gina and I  :)
Her parents woke up one morning to find a duck in their swimming pool.  Weird, huh?

Tim, Butch, and Stacey

Gina - my sweet friend.  She owns a coffee boutique in Phx, AZ.
They have amazing breakfast foods!

Us girlies....again.

Look!  My Tim was there!  He sat away from the crowd...

Warning: Butch, you have been put on alert...Pat now has your local number.
Jeff and Trina
I went to high school with Trina, then met Jeff in college...small world.

Check out my hair!
Missy, my hair guru, wanted to be daring for my reunion.  Doesn't it look cute?

Some of the old gang...
Jewelie and her husband Jeremy (who went to school with us),
me, Butch, Stacey (who married Butch and went to school with us), and Pat.
What's up with marrying someone you went to school with?  Is there mystery in your marriage?

Butch once cried while watching Ghost at the movie theater with Pat, Jennifer, and I.
No secrets amongst friends...

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