Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saturdays are meant for girlfriends and spas....

 I'm truly convinced that one Saturday a month should be spent in luxury. 
Eight of us girls caught up at the Lamar EveryDay Spa in Scottsdale, AZ. 
We had the best time!
We were greeted warmly and allowed to add additional services last minute!  We were then shown to the dressing room. 
From left in a clockwise manner:
Jewelie, Christine, Holly, Pat, Christina

We giggled, we oohhed, and we aahhhed - then we laughed.  It is so cathartic to be amongst good friends.

Back Row: Holly, Jewelie, Christina, Trina
Front Row: Christine, April, Me, Pat

While waiting for our services to begin.. me (myself?), Christina, Christine, and Trina decided to hit the jacuzzi!  (Who cares if it is 100 + degrees in Scottsdale - jacuzzi time was a must!)

Then, it was be pampered! 
(Note: Not all services were conducive to photography...thus, not all girlies made this particular spot...)

Christine getting her pedicure.

Pat getting a pedicure.

I got a manicure!

Our services included pedicures, manicures, makeup lessons, massages, and Holly even braved a bikini wax! 
The staff at Lamar is very discreet and professional - they didn't know what to think of us!
I didn't know Jewelie very well in high school.  She was a year younger than me, and I wasn't a cheer leader.  (She was!)  I was friends with Jeremy - the man of her dreams with whom she is currently married!  She is a bright light!  I love her!

I went to middle school with Christine and April (the two on the left).
Christine also married her high school dreamboat boyfriend.
April moved to Camp Verde and married a boy she went to high school with as well! 
Weird happenings...marrying men you went to high school don't have any secrets!
I met Pat in high school.  She didn't marry a man she went to high school with.  Thank you, Pat!  I met Pat at the lunch picnic table.  Oh the stories that table to tell....

I can't remember when I met Trina.  Probably middle school.  Trina and I shared many a ditch days together.
Ironically, I went to college with Trina's husband.

Check out my hair!  It has red streaks in it!  I love it!  My hairstylist, Missy, thought it would be fun.
It is!  It has now faded to pink - and I didn't even have to pay for the extra color!

We had a dining room reserved just for us!  It was perfect!  The end of the day was bittersweet... we were relaxed, refreshed, and not wanting to leave the company of good friends.
As with all things good...they must continue!  We are getting together next weekend!

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WOW! Good times. I agree, a girl really needs to do this as much as possible