Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Time

Ashley riding Stephan's trike...

Tim and I have made a commitment to walk together three nights a week. We've been doing really good at it. This week, we've been walking early enough that the kids have been going with us. We don't get the together time and serious talking time,but we get fun and laughs because the kids make us laugh.

When we picked up Stephan on Saturday, we brought home most of his toys. Boy did Ashley have fun!

Stephan riding his monster truck. Appropriately named, The Grave Digger.

First, on our walk, Stephan insisted on riding his monster truck. This is basically a push toy, but he can sit on it and ride it. We were hesitant about his ability to go the distance, but decided to give it a try. He can definitely cruise on this little toy. The only problem is the asphalt. He hit the ground a number of times. He was such a tough guy - he jump up and yell, "Took a digger!" We call him "Digger" now.
After his bath, Stephan modeled his elbow scratches.

When elbows meet asphalt...

By the time we got home, Ashley's adrenaline was up and she was trying out all of Stephan's ride toys. She jumped on his trike and started racing him around the truck. They were so funny! Then she attempted to ride his motorcycle. Even funnier - but with disastrous results. Ashley should never own a motorcycle.

OK - so Stephan never really had a chance at catching Ashley, but he still chased her around the truck at least 15 times. I laughed so hard!

Our walks are great fun, and a wonderful time with family.

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