Friday, August 15, 2008

And They Are Off!


A couple of months ago I ran across a walker at a children's resale shop. Ashley just happened to be with me that day. We were discussing which one to get when she replied, "Just get them both. That way the boys can pretend they are bumper cars." I figured what the heck -

Little did I know...
"I'm just going out for a quick stroll...Little help with the door, please?"

Isaiah can chase (I use that term loosely) Ellie (my corgi) down the hallway. He can also manuver from the kitchen into the front room around the corner and into the hallway down to my room. He hasn't figured out how to make that turn yet.

Aiden can go backwards, but hasn't figured out forward motion. He really doesn't need to though because Isaiah will get beside him and just push him until he runs into something that stops them and then Isaiah is off and running again. Can you tell who my trouble maker is?

"The news is boring! We want cartoons!"

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