Friday, August 22, 2008

Kids and Horses

Aiden has decent balance. He loves the horses and loves to watch Tim rope.
Isaiah likes the horses well enough, but doesn't have the passion for them that Aiden does.
He has already figured out how to hold on.
The two boys were just giggling when we were walking around. They would grab each others hand and start squealing. It was funny.

Ashley has a natural talent for riding. She's been riding since she was 10 days old. She loves her horse, and her horse loves her. They work well together, and have gone to many competitions together.

A couple of weeks ago we headed up north for a roping. The weather was amazing and the scenery is great. The boys both helped groom before Tim had to saddle. Ashley was able to take off for a little while to ride in the mountains. Her horse threw a shoe in the rocks so she came back to read her much loved book series, Twilight.

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