Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Time Out

I often find that it is easier to stay at home rather than venture out on the town. Not because my boys are trouble, but because it is a hassle to load them up, get out a stroller, unload from car seat into stroller, do whatever errand I chose, then unload from stroller and load back into car seat, toss heavy double stroller back into truck, ... you get the picture? There are times when I have to leave for my own sanity. Those are the times when I drive to the local Mexican food restaurant where I can call my order in and then go through the drive thru.

Yesterday, I traveled to a friend's house. The drive was nice - it was mostly freeway, but just to get away for a little while was lovely. I forget to do that. She has two kids that absolutely loved playing with my boys, and my boys were in heaven! They had little people to play with them. It was nice having adult conversation while eating lunch at a table. The little things I don't always take the time for.

When we got home, it was hot so I took the boys' clothes off and put them in their crib to play. They were having such a good time so I took a few photos. I was playing with my color settings so they are ecclectic today.

Enjoy your day.

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