Friday, February 22, 2008

Ashley Update - Steer

Last weekend Ashley and Tim went to Casa Grande, AZ for the AZ Classic SAILA Show. Ashley took her steer, Joker. Joker finished first in his class for confirmation. Ashley won $50, but refused to buy dinner! (Smart girl - I was thinking Red Lobster!) They went on to the Grand Champion drive, but didn't win. Oh well.
For showmanship - Joker was too tired. He'd been up for 12 hours and refused to lie down while waiting in between shows. When he finally made it into the show ring, he was tired and a bit unruly. Ashley was given a participation bag with cool things inside!
Unfortunately, I did not go. The weather is usually awful down there and I didn't want the boys in the wind and rain. Since Tim took her, we don't have any photos. Dads just don't think about those things.

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