Friday, February 22, 2008

Ashley Update - Soccer

Ashley's soccer season is well under way. She is playing on two teams right now. She plays on her competetive team where they travel to tournaments and she also plays on the middle school team. For the Velocity, Ashley plays goalie most of the time, and occasionally gets to play out of the box as a midfielder. For the middle school team, she is able to play the field a bit more. They have a couple of girls that enjoy playing in goal and they are working really hard to get good at it.

Her traveling team, Velocity, had a tournament in Phx a couple of weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I even had to go shopping for summer clothes. We only wear sweatshirts and jeans where we are. The girls played three awesome games. They did great! Saturday night they even got to play "under the lights." It was an 8:30 pm game. We don't get many of those so it was kinda fun.

The middle school team is doing good too. Ashley has scored a few times so that is always fun! She was even able to play with the boys team when they needed players.
Overall, her soccer season is busy, but she is enjoying it. Did I mention that her dad coaches both of her teams? He loves it!

Ashley has also interviewed and been accepted to play soccer in Holland this summer. She will travel with the People to People Sports Ambassadors. I'm very upset that I won't be traveling with her, but I'm praying that she has a good time. It will be a tremendous opportunity for both culturally and athletically.

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