Thursday, February 21, 2008

2 Weeks Old! And we are still sane...I think.

The boys were circumsised this week. What an awful experience. I refused to be in the room with them so I waited in the waiting room. They didn't seem too traumatized. I was actually the one who was completely freaked out. I was nauseous every time I changed their diapers. I told Tim, "No more infant boys! I can't do this!"
(The top two photos are of the boys in their bassinet. Aiden is on the left and Isaiah is on the right. The bottom photo has Aiden on the right and Isaiah on the left.)

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Holzmichel said...

Good Evening,
I see this nice Babies.
They are Yours?
Best greetings and wishes
to You und to Your family
from Bavaria in Germany.