Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I love birthdays...

I LOVE birthdays!

It doesn't matter if it is mine, yours, a friend, a kid...I just love them!

Last week, my friend Pat and I met for dinner.  We ate at a Foxconcept restaurant called sauce.  We had pizza, salad, lasagne, and I had a glass of wine...and we TALKED! and Talked... and talked... then we decided to walk (since we missed the movie).  The beauty of AZ is the number of outdoor malls.  This particular spot was no different.  The weather was beautiful, our tummies were full, we missed the movie so obviously ...the next logical step was to sHoP!

While shopping, Pat took dragged me into this cute boutique called Charming Charlies.  Oh my goodness!  Can you say, "I Love It!"  I tried to walk out, but she blocked the door.  What was I to do?  There are racks and racks of jewelry, shelves filled with purses of every color and size, and clothes!  and shoes!  I couldn't contain myself.  Well, actually I did ~ I didn't come home with everything I wanted...but enough.

Here is a photo of the dress that I picked up...along with the chain necklace!  (and some other jewelry...I'll show you another time!)

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