Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Evening in June...

My family, although appearing in many photos, don't enjoy having their picture taken.  In fact, it takes an act of congress, a request filled out in triplicate, and filed 6 months in advance for Tim to willingly take a photo.  (OK ~ perhaps that is an exaggeration, but you get the idea right?  He does not like his photo taken.)

Tonight was a little different...

It was date night!
(I LOVE date nights.)

Tim's mom called, and she is going to see family therefore she needs current photos to take with her...current FAMILY photos...not just KID photos.

Ashley is housesitting at a home in a different town, Tim and I were planning a date, Aiden had been sick, but we found a compromise...
take the boys to Ashley where she is housesitting, and
get a family photo there!
It's in a town that we don't eat out in often so the dynamics were perfect!
I love the flowers in the garden ~ they added an element I was pleasantly surprised with.
All in all...

There are only three, but that is all we they are.

Tim and I

The Family
Roth x 6

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