Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our First Day in Hawaii...Oh the surprise that awaited us!

After we landed (on the golf course), switched planes, landed again, found the rental car place, found our hotel, and went grocery shopping....we got down to the business of settling in!

(The golf course story...all I have to say is this..."You know you live in AZ when your 4 year old says, Oh no! We are landing in a golf course!  What is that pilot thinking?"...Yep, he saw the pristine green grass and automatically figured it must be a golf course!)

Here Isaiah (still wearing his headphones attached to nothing!) and Tyler found their bed, and the cable television.
(We don't have cable in our house...24 hour cartoons are cool!)

 Want to know what we bought at the grocery store?
Our version of Hawaiian food...because we didn't really know what Hawaiian food was...yet.)

OK - so, we later found out that Maui style tater chips are actually made by Frito Lay and not on the islands...bummer, but the Kona Mud Pie ice cream...can I say I've never seen my daughter eat so much ice cream in her life!  She went through 3 of these babies while we were there.
The Kona Hazelnut coffee...yum!  Love it!  I just found it at World Market...score!
The pineapple...not sure how many we ate while there...a lot.  I've never had pineapple so sweet...and the mangos...yum!

Our first dinner in Hawaii!
Hang Loose!

After dinner, I went for a jog with Ashley...well, kinda.  You see I struggle when jogging because my ADD kicks in BIG TIME!  I jog...see something interesting...lose jogging focus and go check it out...jog...loose focus...you get the idea?
While we were jogging...

Daddy and the boys made toe rings with the pipe cleaners.
Why can he have a pipe cleaner toe ring and I can't get another tattoo?

Then, since Mommy didn't let Ashley have a "True Workout", Daddy went jogging with Ashley...
and Mommy took the boys for a walk...

(Ashley never felt like she worked out because she couldn't find that spot where she would run so hard and fast that she lost her breath...guess that's what happens when you train at 3500 ft then go to sea level...)

Looking for fish in the Koi Pond at our resort...


You can tell from their grins...
"We're smiling because my mom is making me stand in front of this stupid plant because she thinks it's pretty, but we see the pool and we really want to go over there..."

We found a lush field...look mom, no stickers!

Walking down the pathway towards the beach...

I was even able to find a small playground.

Back to the Koi Pond...
(I told you I am easily distracted!)

Aiden checking out the cool fish!

So our fun, interesting, kinda scary news...we were in Hawaii when the tsunami hit Japan and then headed to the Hawaiian islands...
At 11:00pm Thursday night we were told we needed to evacuate the resort.  We packed our belongings, grabbed some peanut butter, jelly, bread, and bagels, snagged the pillows and blankets off the beds and loaded up our rental car.  The six of us slept in the car in the parking lot of the community college.  It was quite the adventure...

The morning after the tsunami warning...
it was 7:30am before the mayor gave the "all clear" notice.
You can see that Tyler slept well ~ he's not a pb&j kind of kid so he was VERY happy to be going back to our room. :)

This is a picture of the "Tunnel of Trees."  It is a 1 mile stretch of trees that have grown over to reach each other.  This particular picture does not do it justice...It was very cool to drive through it!

Off to begin a new day, and a new adventure.

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wow that sure was an adventure you do have a wonderful family