Thursday, May 12, 2011

Friday...Another Day in Paradise...

Since we had spent a restless night in our rental car...
we decided that Friday was going to be a day of laziness and relaxation.
(If that is possible with three active boys!)

Off to the pool!

Aiden refused to wear anything other than his long sleeve cowboy shirt, jeans, and work boots...
you have to pick your battles...this is not one worth fighting.

Look at the grin and dimples!
This kid was LOVING the water!

Isaiah...although he was in the water...he wasn't loving it like Tyler.

That's my man!
I love him!

Mom and Sister playing with the boys...

Here Ashley and I are wrestling...the water was a bit chilly...I'm not sure who started the wrestling, but neither of us really wanted to get wet yet.

Poor Aiden...he still didn't want to change, and he didn't want Mom taking his picture!

Tyler calls this "Surfing"

Finally!  Peer pressure wore him down...or his desire to actually get into the water and play!

Isaiah was done!  He came, he swam, he wanted to sleep!

This is how we vacation...
piled together on the sofa...
watching tv!

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