Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Twins Start School...

The first step of education is to have one's eyes opened and be turned from darkness to light. (Acts 26:18)

The day the twins turned three ~ they became eligible for the developmental preschool at our local elementary school.
We had been planning this for quite some time...
(of course any time you have Special Education children it seems as if that is all you do ~ go to meetings to plan!)
I had been talking to the boys about riding the bus with Tyler,
going into the classroom with other kids,
being nice,
not missing mommy,
not crying,
not hitting.

I decided it would be easier for the boys to get on the bus and leave me versus me take them to school and leave them.  Not sure if my psychology was correct, but...it seemed to work!

Here they are...all ready to jump on the bus!

Tyler was already on the bus (he's fast!), but he was watching for Aiden...
Up he goes!

By Mom!
Look at that smile!
(ok - so he was looking at Isaiah who had decided to stay on the porch...he wasn't so sure about leaving mom)

All is well...
He climbed right up there.
(sad thoughts pushed away!)

Bye Mommy!
Wuf you!

I love you to my little one!

Keep your love for one another at full strength, because love covers a multitude of sins.
 ~I Peter 4:8

Tyler and Aiden immediately grabbed a seat together.
This is typically Tyler's seat, but he was happy to have his brothers with him today. 
He eagerly shared with Aiden.

Isaiah was looking a little unsure of himself so I decided I better take one last picture and get off the bus!
(This is a really cool seat...it has a harness seat belt built into it!)

The kids are only gone a total of 3 hours...
during those 3 hours of the first day...
1. called Tim and told him I felt "weird".  I just felt discombobulated.
2. Picked up my mom and took her to the grocery store.
3. We both did grocery shopping.
4. I hit Starbucks.
5. Ran a few more errands.
6. Took my mom home.
7. Called my friend Tammy and told her I felt "weird".
8. Hit Starbucks again.
9. Dropped off my mom.
10. Went back to Starbucks.
11. Filled up with fuel.
12. Went home, finally.
13. Unloaded groceries.
14. Made lunch.
15. Sat outside waiting for the boys to get home.

They were so excited!
The day went great!

Here they were all showing me their handstamps.
(That means they were good!)

Since it was their birthday...
they were given crowns, a pencil, and of course
the happy birthday song.

My three boys!

He gives the barren woman a home, making her the joyous mother of children. Praise the LORD!

(Psalms 113:9 Holy Bible ESV)

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