Thursday, October 1, 2009

Colonel's Daughter ~ Part 2

Poise and Personality...
Yep, she has it!
After riding, the girls had to quickly unsaddle their horses, and then rush back to the "Fort".  There they were required to don their 1800's regalia, and prepare to answer questions from the judges.

Check out these beautiful girls...

Ashley with her escort.  I think he's kinda cute.  She said I am disturbed. 

Q:  What has your most embarrassing moment?
Ash: At High Point FFA camp I was duct taped to a tree, and forced to stay there while the other upstanding student leaders drew on my face with permanent marker, and then they left me alone for 30 minutes.
(This is why, as parents, we don't always want to know what goes on at camp.  It was so much funnier hearing it for the first time in public and watching her squirm since she hadn't told me.) 

Q:  What do you plan to do after high school?
Ash: Go to college and major in medicine or something.  I want to work for World Vision, a Christian Organization, and go to Third World countries to help other people.
(Yep, I almost cried right there in public.  That's my girl!)

Q:  What does it mean to you to be Colonel's Daughter?
Ash:  It means that I will be a role model for other young people in the community.  I will do whatever the community and Calvary request me to do.  I will enjoy helping others.
(Oh my sticking heck!  This kid is the coolest!)

OK - there were other questions, but I didn't cam cord the speech, and they were questions about the Fort, how tall her horse is, has she read the book ~ The Colonel's Daughter, how long has she been riding...You get the idea?

All I have to say is, "MY KID IS AWESOME!"

One more promenade with her escort...

Here are the girls waiting patiently for the judges to tally their scores.  Can you tell which kid is used to having a camera shoved in her face?  Would it be the one that isn't just standing and smiling?

The women in the 1800's were serious in their photos.  Most of them anyway...

Obviously, these are not women of the 1800's.
Good thing...I'm not sure I could live without Starbuck's.  If
Ashley were to live in the 1800's...then I would have to have lived in the 1800's...vicious circle...

Current contestants with the past "Daughters".
Miss Sami ~ I've known this kid for a long time.  She and Ashley have been riding together since toddlerhood,...well, since we've lived in this small town.
One more photo with the escort...he's not sure which photographer to look at.

All the girls with their escorts...

Ms. Michelle ~ yep, my Starbuck's lady.  She loves Tyler.  Tyler loves her.  It helps that she is the one who got him hooked on Chocolate Shooters.

I love that smile!