Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Colonel's Daughter ~ Part 1

This year, Ashley made the decision to compete for the title of Colonel's Daughter.  In our town, being a Colonel's Daughter is the equivalent to a Rodeo Queen.  The girls compete on horseback in a reining pattern, and with a slight drill pattern.  They they compete in full 1800's regalia for the poise and personality portion.  Here, you will see just the riding...
This is Mr. Parish.  He has been riding with the Calvary for the 50 years that the Colonel's Daughter Contest has been going on.

This is Ashley with her Calvary escort.
Hello Judges!  These are just two of the four judges.  All of the judges are past Colonel's Daughter winners.  We're real classy in this town ~ set the judges up in the back of a pick up.  You can bet that the first Colonel's Daughter was not chosen by judges sitting in the back of a pick up.
All of the girls "promenade" in a group pattern first.

Mr. Parish holding the flag while the contestant ride.
Wondering why he is sitting at a horse event.  He doesn't like sitting at horse events.
Riding the pattern.
Leaving with the Calvary...time to smile and wave girls!

OK - I'm officially going on record to say that this new Google/Blogspot layout setting sucks!  I can't put my text where I want it.  OK, here is the scoop...

  • Tim came with the boys.  They sat and ate sunflower seeds and drank water.  It was hot!  (No, that is not a chew pocket in his cheek ~ it is a cheek full of sunflower seeds.)

  • Ashley rode her reining pattern.  She did pretty good, but her horse was being obstinate.  Summer wouldn't maintain a lope when changing leads, and she wouldn't slide stop.  Summer is a mare.  Do I need to explain the moodiness any further?  If you've ever owned a mare ~ you know what I'm talking about.

  • Big oops...Ashley wore black jeans (traditional reining outfit), but the girls were suppose to have on blue jeans.  Oh well...

  • After all of the girls have ridden together, ridden their pattern, they then parade around again together, and finally, it is time to ride away with the Calvary.  You salute the flag as you go by, and wave to your judges.  (Then thank God that they are done because it is 100 + degrees out and you've been standing in the sun for 1 1/2 hours so far.)

Can anyone tell me where the spellchecker is on the new blogger layout?  Please?  Anyone...

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