Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finger Paint Friday

I finally got the courage up to allow my kids to fingerpaint.
First, I put three pieces of colored construction paper on their outside table.
I taped it down with painter's tape.  That way ~  it creates a nice border when they are done, and I don't have to worry about the paper sliding all over the table.

Next, I put small squirts of paint on their papers and let them create.
Since Aiden doesn't really like to get his hands dirty, Isaiah decided to help him with his picture.
How does he get paint on his face?
Oh boy, I sense a fight about to happen...

Last, I hang the pictures on my door to let them dry.  If you keep the edges pulled tight, then when you remove the tape, the paper won't be all wrinkly.
Tyler's picture is on top, the Aiden/Isaiah picture in the middle, and Isaiah's picture on the bottom.

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Staci said...

very very cute. I have not attempted paint or play doh for that matter. They may be in our future with winter quickly approaching.