Friday, May 8, 2009

Thursday Night... Migraine and All

Thursday nights are usually my night off. No cooking, no kid responsibilities, and I can go do whatever. My goal for last night was to go to a sewing class.
I recently found out about a group of ladies who gather on Thursday nights at a local church in town, and I thought I would join them.

Sadly/tragically/unfortunately, I had a killer migraine, and after taking four Advil plus my prescription migraine meds ~ I was wiped out. I went straight to bed.

When I went to check my camera this morning, (meeting a friend for lunch with the kiddos ~ want to be sure camera has an empty card) I found the following images on the card. Ashley must have been busy helping dad. Check out her fun evening. These images are Straight Out Of the Camera...

She also helped cook dinner. I think they had chicken and rice. They did good!

I love my family!
They totally ROCK!

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