Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Have No Idea What To Title This Post...

I'm tired.
I'm incredibly tired. (Could be the contraband wine I'm drinking. Tim doesn't drink alcohol anymore so I hide a bottle in the back of the fridge, and when he is at a meeting, I have a glass. Only one ~ ok, only a half. I'm a lightweight.)

Tim is at yet ~ another ~ school board meeting. (Monday night was the Crawdad Festival Meeting. Yep, he's the chairmen of that. Nope, he's not busy.)
The boys are sleeping.
Ashley is camping. With boys. (And chaperones.) In the White Mountains. We've had rain the last 3 days ~ I bet she has had snow. Silly girl didn't pack her heavy jacket. Oh the lessons we learn as teenagers...
The house is blissfully quiet.

Why am I so enjoying this peace? Because:
a. I have three boys. (Did I mention that they are all three and under?)
b. My three boys have loud voices. (OK - only 2 of them are loud, but the 3rd just screams.)
c. Construction has started!

So, the footings have been dug, the stem walls poured, the wall chiseled out. Tim says by August we will be moving furniture and kids around. Does anyone want to start a betting pool on when the addition will actually be finished? I want in!

The addition will add three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a new and improved laundry room, and a family room. Before you get all excited ~ yes, it is cool that we are doing this, but it isn't HUGE! The bedrooms are average sized, and the family room is slightly smaller than my master bedroom. (Although, my master bedroom is pretty big.) I'm mostly excited because by adding a laundry room to the back of the house, I can enlarge my kitchen by knocking down two walls. Yippee! The kitchen phase isn't scheduled for another year or so though. OK - and the state of the economy will play a role in that phase as well. Tim works construction. Off time is good ~ in short spurts. It means he can work on the house, but with all good things there comes a bad. No construction jobs means limited income. You do the math.

I do have construction photos. I'll try to get them posted.
Later though.
I'm going to enjoy this blissfully sinful glass (1/2 glass) of red wine. I know I have a few pieces of dark chocolate around here somewhere...


Staci said...

Wow you have been busy. Remodeling is no fun at all but think of the end results. I have not received your package yet but things take forever to get up here.

Michelle said...

Sleep is a GOOD thing:)