Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fair Week ~ Thursday

Gramps with the Littles. I think we must have been in between shows.

Thursday was the Heifer Show.

This is T. entering the show ring with his heifer. (I don't think he names his cows.) He and Ashley have been competing against each other for a long time. He is the one who gave her the nickname, Little Roth. She still goes by that... They get a little competitive with each other. It is all in good competition though ~ they respect each other's animals.

Coral usually likes to make an entrance. Could be because she spent the last three days in a pen with little kids looking at her. Nice shirt Ashley. Guess we need to buy you a longer one that will stay tucked in.

"Judge, This is your class."

Ashley took Coral, her big, fat cow. She doesn't have her own baby, but she loves her nephew, Whisper. Coral HATES children ~ especially small children in strollers. Coral bent panels last year attempting to attack a child. Why do we still haul this "Big Mama" to the fair? Well, honestly, Ashley LOVES her, and she loves Ashley. Coral does AWESOME in the show ring. Secretly, I think she is too fat, but she is definitely a beauty of a cow.

Can you read her mind?

"When will this be over? I'm hot and tired."

Setting up the cow...

Talking to the judge...

The judge will ask a series of questions to determine the knowledge that the showman has. Ashley has a lot of knowledge about cows.

"Ideally, how old should a heifer be when she delivers her first calf?"

"Why is this heifer so fat, and without a calf at her side?"

Only one of these questions was a legitimate question...the other was rhetorical.

"Come on judge. Is that all you have?"

We also hauled Breezy (Sister) and her bull calf, Whisper, to the fair. Judges love to see that your breeding projects are actually breeding and producing. Breezy and Whisper did so well. Whisper was a little freaked out by the show ring, but seemed to like the people. Breezy, who has done well in previous years in the ring, was a little nervous this year.

Chey brought in Whisper for Ashley.

Ashley took first place for Breeding Showmanship.

Congrats, Ashley!

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Korie B. said...

The big fat cow's name is Coral? I think I might take that personally....