Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wanna Buy A Duck?

A What?

A Duck.

A What?

A Duck.

A Duck?


Oh, a Duck!

OK - little summer camp humor. Seriously though, Ashley is selling raffle tickets for the Annual Benefit Duck Race that is happening this weekend. The raffle tickets are $5 each. You do not need to be present to win. Proceeds benefit Rotary programs worldwide. 1st prize - $1,000 2nd prize - $250 and 3rd prize - $100.

How it works - The number from your raffle ticket is stamped on the bottom of a rubber duck. No, yours will not be as trendy as my "Hippie Chickie", because I'm cool. Anyway, moving right along. All of the ducks will be dumped into the river, and the first three to make it to the finish line win.

If you are interested, call me tonight, Thursday, Sept. 25. Or email me. Ashley has to turn the money in to the Interact Club on Friday.


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