Monday, June 16, 2008

It's the Little Things...

Grandpa (my dad) with Aiden and Stephon.
These are a few of the tulips I grew this spring.
"Pumpkin," Ashley's cat enjoying my summer garden - before it was in bloom.
I know that everyone always says, "It is the small moments that matter the most," but it is such a cliche. Tonight however, I can honestly say that it is true.

My dad has come to visit for a few days. He drove up on Sunday (Father's Day) with Stephon, Cameren, and Chandler. I cooked dinner and we had a lovely dinner out on the patio. Tonight, as we were sitting in the yard talking and enjoying each others company, laughing at the kids, and relaxing, I looked up and Stephon was "watering" my garden with one of my planters shaped like a watering can. There was dirt going everywhere. He was really trying to be very neat, but he's two! He played there in my garden for 15 minutes and was completely at peace. A few times he would look over to where we were and smile. What a cutie. Of course, when I went into the house to get the camera he left the garden and started playing with the big kids, but that memory of this sweet little boy, smiling and playing in my garden, will live in my heart for a very long time.

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