Thursday, March 27, 2008

11 Weeks Old!

This picture was actually taken before our spring break trip. I think they were about 9 weeks. We were just sitting in their room talking and I was able to get both of them smiling at the same time! I absolutely love this picture.

OK - the boys are 11 weeks old today. Sometimes I feel every single minute of the those 11 weeks, and sometimes it seems like just last week they came home with us.

Keep us in your prayers - Aiden has slept through the night the last 2 nights! AND he has taken a nap both days. That is a first for him. He hasn't slept during the day since he was 3 or 4 weeks old! I hope this is a pattern that is going to stick. I actually got to pull a straight iron through my hair, brush my teeth, and do some baking. Today was a different story. He napped while at the doctor and at Ashley's award ceremony. I'm glad he napped - but I didn't. Isaiah is still waking up at 2:am, but I'm hoping he will start following in brother's sleep habit soon. (9:pm to 6:am could be heaven on earth for me...)

The Doctor Visit

I know that this is what most of you are wanting to know about - the details.

14.10 lbs/oz

25 in. long

43 cm for head circumference

13.2 lbs/oz

25 in. long

43 cm for head circumference

We went to a new pediatrician today. I really like the office. First of all, it is in town. Yeah! No more crazy driving in Phx. Secondly, my wait was minimal (always a plus when you have twins!), and most of all - they helped with holding the babies while I filled out the paperwork. I'm very happy with my decision to switch peds. I saw the nurse practitioner today - she answered all of my questions. Overall, despite the multiple shots they were given, the experience was pleasant.

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