Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Great Wolf Lodge

The reason we chose the Great Wolf Lodge is because...
they still had vacancy two weeks prior to Spring Break.

We arrived very weary...
(I had gotten us lost...we ended up in Oklahoma.  Don't ask.  Especially around Tim.  I'm not really sure how it happened.  I'm blaming it on Texas.)
We arrived tired...
We arrived late in the evening.

The minute we got to our room though....
that all changed!
The first thing my boys ALWAYS do is head out to the balcony.
It must be a guy thing.
They want to know what is outside their door.
Here, they discovered they could see the indoor water park.
Oh boy!

Tyler was so thrilled.
They would have their own room with bunkbeds and all!

Aiden found a window!

"Ummm....Mom.  Is it going to be scarey sleeping up here?"
Tyler is my worrier.

He looks like he is trying to order take out!

My Three Sons!
Their "cabin" was decorated really cute!

Our room...
I prefer a little more separation between the couch and bed, but at least the boys were in their own room.

Cute little gas fireplace...

Isaiah was planning to sleep in front of the "camp fire".

...but not before a bedtime snack!



Anonymous said...

Is this blog still maintained?

Robyn said...

I'm hoping to get a little more time this year to keep things updated. Thanks for checking in.