Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh Where Does the Time Go?

Wow...Just a quick update, then some photos.  (Because I know that is the only reason you stop by!)

Back in October, Tim and I began our adventure as business owners.  We purchased a Mr. Rooter franchise, and jumped right in.  Please remember that I was an Education major in college.  Business, finance, accounting, taxes, reconciling,...NONE of this was anywhere near the buildings that I attended classes in.  Reading, Education, and English literature were my focuses.  I didn't know the first thing about running a business.  I found out quickly that I needed to hire someone to help me and show me the ropes.  I finally (last week) found the best CSR in the world.  She TELLS me what to do, and how to do it.  She will soon be running my office, and I'm so glad she is here.  (Thanks Michelle for saving my family!)

So, while learning how to be a working mom (and not adjusting well to it), life literally ran by me!  I can't believe that it is May!  And the END of May at that!

January - the twins turned 2.  I posted about that - you can read about it in the older posts area...

February - Soccer was in full swing....The girl's not only made it to the state championships, but they WON!  Ashley has another letter to put on her jacket, and a championship ring to wear.  It is very cool!  (Pictures at a later time on the jacket/ring thing.)
The twins started sleeping in big boy beds. 

March - Track season!  Hmmm....a lot of hurry up and wait. 

April - Tyler turned 4!  He is getting so big.  We celebrated with a blue birthday cake at one of Ashley's soccer tournaments. 

May - Ashley turned 16!  Holy cow.  Where did my baby girl go?  She's all grown up, dating, going to formal dances, driving, working, etc.  Crazy how little attention we pay to the little things while our children are growing, and then when they get big...we forget.  I vow to pay more attention to the little things with the boys....
The twins decided they don't like their beds (mine is better), but when they get the boot out of my bed they head to the floor...
Tim turned..@!.. He is working more actively in the Mr. Rooter business.  We started running van #4!  Hurray!  We are truly blessed!

Check out a few new photos...

(I still haven't  figured out the new Blogger photo adder thing.  It's not new anymore...I know.  Sad me.)

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