Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shaving With Daddy

Tyler LOVES to shave with daddy.

Every time he sees Tim heading in to shave...he goes running. 
Aiden, not wanting to miss any fun usually follows...
not always remembering why he is following Tyler.

Aiden just doesn't get the same gratification out of the entire experience.

Hi.  My name is Tyler.  I'm three years old, and I like to shave with my dad.

Hi.  My name is Aiden.  I'm 21 months old, and I'm mortified.  I can't bear to look at the camera.

Daddy?  Are we almost done?

Time for the shaving part....stand very still...

What a trooper.  The things we do to be part of a club.

Looks like Daddy needs a haircut too!

Where's Isaiah?  He's the smart boy.  He stays with Mommy!  We don't need to be in that club.  We have our own club.

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