Friday, March 13, 2009

Up and Running!

Ashley with Whisper. Whisper is about 16 hours old here.

Holy Cow! I was coming to just give you an update about the picts at Shutterfly when my entire edit bar showed up again! Hip Hip Hurray!!! Pray that it lasts. Here are few quick random photos from last week.

Ashley with Coral. Coral was checking to see what Ashley was doing with the baby. She is very protective of her nephew. Look at how big this heifer is! Ashley has her spoiled ~ but beware ~ she HATES kids!

I posted the calf birth picts at the other site (Shutterfly). Beware, some are pretty gorey. But mom and baby are cute. I don't have day one picts up. I'm packing for Tennessee and running late. I will try to get picts up from last week before I leave.
Ashey and Isaiah taking a break from working/chores.
Aiden with Whisper. Isn't this too cute?

Tyler with Whisper. He (Tyler) is intrigued, but wary enough not to venture out alone. He has a healthy respect for the bovine species.

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