Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's December Already?

Seriously?  December?  Where did the time go?

School soccer season is well under way...Yes, Ashley is playing soccer again, still.  For those of you who ask, the better question might be, "At what age do you think Ashley will quit playing soccer?"

So far...they are 2-0.  Two WINS!  and ZERO losses!  Hip Hip Hurray!  Guess how many times I've had my camera at the games... ZERO!  The first game against Independence, Ashley scored the first goal within the first minute of the game.  Way to score Ashley!  The game tonight, against Prescott (#1) was FREEZING!  We had two temperature readings...34 degrees and 38 degrees.  Either one = COLD! 

I think I need a New Year's Goal to Regularly Update My Blog.  (hmmm...didn't give a time frame to the regularly part did I?)
Isaiah has been kissed by the soccer bug as well.  Gotta love the sport...

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