Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still Working on it...

Tim listens to the local Christian radio station. He also listens to a lot of talk shows on the radio. Today, he came in to the computer room (aka: our bedroom) and announced that he heard on the radio that the internet causes stress for those who use it.
My distracted reply: "Huh? I can't figure this stupid thing out. I can't get my blog to work!"
He then says,"See. That is what they said on the radio. There is stress involved while on the internet because of the actions that are taking place, and there is stress because you feel as if you are always behind on your daily jobs."
My sarcastic biting reply: "Duh. I can't get anything done if I'm on the computer. Laundry Land will still be standing on top of our bed tonight. My fellow blog followers are dwindling because I'm not posting because this stupid blogger thing won't function properly." (Nope, not a Christian wife response. I'm struggling.) So... here I am.
Attempting to post soccer stuff, funny kid picts, and yep, even a picture of Laundry Land.
Yet, my blogger does not have my edit tool bar.
For this to post...I will have to exit all of my internet windows and restart.
On your mark, runners up, set, go...


Ashley Ann said...

Eek! That's a lot of work for one post that may or may not happen. It seems very strange!

Do you use firefox? If not, I would try that maybe?

Robyn said...

I will look at firefox. is that just a download, i wonder?