Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Isaiah

Yep, he's all mine. Mostly because he won't let anyone else near him. Isaiah is a very simple child - love him or leave him. He prefers that you leave him, but if you don't allow him to stare you down - he'll love you.

My little man has goofy, stand straight-up in the air hair. He doesn't talk or crawl. He can throw a ball though!

Instructions for getting Isaiah to like you:
1. Be sure Mom (me) is not around. Anywhere near around!
2. When he gives you the look, (trust me, you will know it when you see it...) just keep smiling at him and don't look away. Make him look away first.
3. Hold him a lot. (When I'm not around.)
4. Play ball with him ~ he will love you forever.

When we got back from voting on Tuesday, Stephan and Aiden took naps. (Isaiah has decided to give up naps in order to have lots of special one on one time with Mom.) Isaiah was rolling around on the floor and just laughing so I had to grab my camera. He is usually scowling at my camera, but today...the little angel couldn't stop smiling.

Here he is...My Isaiah.


THE Stephanie said...

Oh my... could he be any cuter???

Morgan Boler said...

THose pictures are so cute, but you have to love his little scowl!